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You Could Smoke At Home. But Why?

You Could Smoke At Home. But Why?

Smoking cigars in the comfort of your personal man cave may be just the experience you paid to develop. But the custom of tobacco smoking was developed as a public social tradition, rite of passage, or conclusion of official/tribal business.

Modern-day smokers can search the globe for the marriage of the perfect lounge, chair, beverage, and occasion to maximize their experience, but find the grail difficult to find. From closing a round of golf, a business deal; to tribal celebrations; bachelor parties, the birth of children, and weddings the social animals that we crave association and comradery. The ladies are well established fundamental members in the community as Sisters of the Leaf.

The egalitarianism of cigar culture refutes the notion of exclusion whereas the catchphrase of the sitcom Cheers goes, “Where everybody knows your name”. I was once admonished after misspeaking, “You can’t start lying until you’ve been here 30 minutes.” The cigar lounge is not for the faint of heart or the thin of skin. You have to be able to take it as well as give it.

Some have great humidors with a great selection of cigars. Some have that particular favorite selection on tap or on the shelf. Some have great conversation and social interaction that just makes it all flow together. I remember the days of mixing and matching the perfect fast food meal from multiple vendors.

I encourage you to find your space(s), as the variety of cigar smoking spaces are as different as the vision of the proprietors of each establishment. There are sports bars/night clubs that support cigar smoking. There are cigars stores that offer space to clients to relax and to smoke on the premises (some inside/some outside depending on local statutes). There are spaces specifically set up as cigar lounges that provide opportunities for their tobacco customers to indulge in adult beverages. You have to find your fit. You have to get out of the house to make that happen. I support a number of my fellow tobacconists as their varied strengths suit my mood, occasion, and smoking temperament.

Again, having said all of that; I could smoke at home, as a matter of custom, but why would I?

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