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Reasons for Seasoning Cigars

Reasons For Seasoning Cigars

Seasoning cigars is the step to get cigars to the optimum relative humidity (RH) as to your personal taste and preference, I prefer an RH of about 73%. I have shopped from and smoked out of many humidors from coast to coast. Some humidors have gauges that read a different RH than the effective RH of the cigars themselves.

One of the best I have come across is located in Palmetto Breeze of Rock Hill, SC. Their humidification system is a model we should all aspire to. Always at the perfect RH as signified by the indicative crisp snip of my deep V-cut, with zero fragments. That sound is the beginning of the smoking experience as it hints at (depending on the quality of your stick and a proper cut) a stable burn, followed by few if any cigar remnants in your mouth. There are many that approach this perfection, but not many.

Cigars bought online, specifically, need to be seasoned at least two weeks at home in a properly prepared humidor. Store bought cigars’ seasoning time will vary from store to store. I recommend that you build a relationship with your local tobacconist, buy generously from him, and season your cigars to your own taste. Then go out to your local haunt and smoke what you bring (you will have already purchased from your local guy, so everybody is happy). Restocking your supply before you go, assures a good rotation of sticks so that you are always ready to go. This is my practice and I have a good relationship wherever I go, so smoking from my own box is rarely a problem.

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