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The Parlor


The parlor is the entry way into your cigar destination.




The parlor offers a place to get started on your cigar experience while your guest are still in route or a choice of many spots to enjoy your cigar.  In the parlor you will find the beginning of the unique furnishing pieces that get more eclectic from room to room.




In the parlor, 

 you can play a chess game, watch your favorite cable TV show, or support your favorite sports team. Use the parlor to sit and chat with friends or peer out the picture windows and watch  the action on Main street. Any seat you decide to sit in will be comfortable and inviting.  



You will find at least one humidor in every room.  The parlor has a very special humidor, in it is cigars aged up to 14 years.  Cigars in this humidor each have an individual and unique story.  Members can consign their “unicorns” with us or sell them directly to us.  We also purchase cigars from estate sales, auctions or online.   Come check out the plume on a few of the cigars in the special humidor!

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