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The pantry or sun porch is a small addition to the side of property.  It offers access to the member’s lounge, the pub and it also has a private egress.   There is a large picture window that gives a great view of the Monroe Old Courthouse Bell Tower.  Often on Sunday’s the ladies gather for “Sangias on the Sun Porch”, Coffee and Sticks, and “A Spot of Tea”.





At night, the ambiance on the sun porch sets the perfect tone for a intimate conversation with the significant other. Giving you a moment to be out on the town with music, drinks, dancing, smoking with no yelling or screaming.

At night the sun porch is a very private intimate hideaway.  The sun porch is a great place to sneak away from the crowd for a little private time.











 The sun porch is the smallest room located in the facility but has so much to offer.


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